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A fairytale like circus performance

By Trenina


Language neutral / 50 min / +4

Taking their own faith in their hands the three sisters cross the veil into the human world. Struggling with the challenges that they meet while battling their stubbornness, they set themselves upon a difficult journey. Will they be able to return home if they use all their inventiveness and imagination? 


This surreal circus performance is both raw and energetic and carries a pinch of humor. Inspired by Norse and Greek mythology and with suspense and fantasy, the collective Trenina invites the audience to let their imagination run free. Will you join us on this journey through mythological fantasies?


Performers & makers: Carina Klingsell, Elena Damasio, Saana Tolonen

Final direction: Maartje Bonarius 

Dramaturgical advies: Corien Baart 

Composition & music arrangement: Adnan Dura 

Light design: Tom Henden 

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